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It's a struggle for authors to make a living after commissions, periodical royalties, and no direct connection to their readers. That's why we built

Authors using enjoy 📈 up to 5x higher profits, 💸 faster royalty payouts, and a 😘 connection to readers.

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A must-have for the modern author.

”I've tried all of the self-publishing platforms, but these days I send my readers straight to my page. I actually make a living from my books and I get a notification for every sale.“

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A letter from Ash Davies, CEO

The bookselling model is broken.

Self-publishing promised so much independence to authors, but has failed to deliver. Bookstores like Amazon take a 55% commission on every sale, and share nothing about your customers. Publishers take large commissions, take forever to pay, and don't help you sell more books. The modern author earns less than 8% for their work — if they're lucky. We created to change this.

With, you become the bookstore. You can upload or create your books, publish them to your own personal storefront, and sell them directly to your readers. You receive instant sales notifications, fast payouts, a transparent view of your customers, and keep all of your royalties after printing and shipping costs. is used by more than 10,000 authors, including NYT Bestsellers. authors earn 5x more per copy than the average Amazon author (and we think they're happier too).

Joining and reserving your personal domain costs just $99, with no lock-in or ongoing subscription. We're here to change the publishing industry and make it more favourable for authors. We hope you'll join us.

Ash Davies, CEO

You can upload your existing books, or create a new book in minutes.

Start writing a new book from scratch, or upload a finished manuscript to typeset, print and publish your books. You don't need any other programs or tools - everything from proofing to assigning ISBNs is handled by Booksby.

Upload and publish your books instantly on your own personal bookstore.

With, you become the bookstore. You keep all of your rights, have full control over your books, and have a direct relationship with your customers. It's a faster, fairer, and more profitable way to self-publish your book.

Anytime a reader buys your book, we print and ship them a copy within days.

Anytime a reader purchases your book, a single copy is printed and shipped on-demand. notifies you instanty of your sale, and deposits the funds into your bank account. You can even track the delivery status of every order.

Receive transparent sales notifications, daily royalty deposits, and keep full control of your books.

With, you become the bookstore. You keep all of your rights, have full control over your books, and have a direct relationship with your customers. It's a faster, fairer, and more profitable way to self-publish your book.

A personal storefront for

Your domain is your personal bookstore where you can sell books and connect with your readers.

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Everything an author needs to create, print, and sell their books.

  • Publish & Sell Paperback Books
  • Book Proofing and Cover Maker
  • Customisable Bookstore
  • Your Own Link
  • Free ISBN's for Published Books
  • No Retail or Sales Commissions
  • Fast Royalty Payouts

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From international bestsellers to Instagram cartoonists, see why thousands of authors are choosing to share their books and connect with readers.

Questions? We've got answers.

Why would I use Booksby?

When you publish a book with conventional services like Amazon and Ingram, bookstores take a 55% commission on your sale and leave you with a small royalty. Distributors keep most of your profits, don't tell you who your customers are, and provide very little control over your book's marketing and availability. is changing this, by providing you with the tools to become your own bookstore.

Can I use in addition to other services?

Yes. If your book is already published with Amazon or another self-publisher, it is possible to also publish it with There is no conflict or exclusivity. In fact, most authors are already publishing their books on Amazon, and choose to send their customers to their link for higher earnings.

How much do I earn on the sale of my book?

Your earn all of the royalties, after the book printing and shipping costs. We show you a breakdown of costs when you select your retail price, so that you can forecast your earnings. The average author receives a 38% royalty on their book.

Do I get to see who is buying my books?

Yes. They are your readers, not ours. You receive a transparent view of your sales, including customer profiles and the delivery status of every order. However, we don't share readers postal addresses or phone numbers.

How does make money?

We have two sources of income, and we're fully transparent about our fees. We have the initial one-time setup fee to establish your bookstore. We also take a flat $1.50 printing and handling fee on every order, which is built into the printing charge of every book.

How long does it take to print and fulfil a book?

Most domestic orders are printed and fulfilled within 5-7 days.

What countries is available in? is global. We have printing facilities all around the world (predominantly in the USA, Europe, UK and Australia), with international shipping options to provide global sales coverage.