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"Previously, I would send all of my readers to Amazon. But now, I send them straight to my link. My earnings are 5x higher, and I have total control and transparency. It's a must-have for the modern author." John Buck - Inventing the Future

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With, you become the bookstore. You keep all of your rights, have full control over your books, and have a direct relationship with your customers. It's a faster, fairer, and more profitable way to self-publish your book.

Paperback books, printed and delivered to your readers on-demand.

Anytime a reader purchases your book, a single copy is printed and shipped on-demand. notifies you instanty of your sale, and deposits the funds into your bank account. You can even track the delivery status of every order.


When you publish a book with conventional services like Amazon and Ingram, bookstores take a 55% commission on your sale and leave you with a small royalty. Distributors keep most of your profits, don't tell you who your customers are, and provide very little control over your book's marketing and availability. is changing this, by providing you with the tools to become your own bookstore.

5 x more profits than Amazon and Ingram.

With, there are no bookstore commissions. The average author receives a 44% royalty on their book, more than 5x the industry average.

Transparency over your sales and customers.

With, you receive a transparent view of your sales, including customer profiles and the delivery status of every order.

Market to your readers, and capture leads.

Whether you're running a pre-release campaign, or want feedback from your readers, allows your readers to opt-in to future communications about your books.

Global print availability, with automatic fulfilment.

With, there's no such thing as 'inventory'. Anytime you sell a book, a single copy is automatically printed and fulfilled from the closest location to the reader, and delivered in days.

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